We implement green products and building methods into each and every project, large or small.

For our company, green construction; whether it is in the form of historic renovation, custom home building, commercial construction or private remodeling, is the responsible way to build.

This is Blue Brick’s way of contributing to the well being of our home-buyers, our neighborhoods and our planet.

There are a number of reasons why we are dedicated to green building practices.  These are just a few:

Air Quality Control  A well thought out HVAC design can help the air inside a home to be clean and healthy while maintaining the appropriate humidity.
Eliminating Toxins  Using low/zero v.o.c. (volatile organic compound) construction materials and paints during construction helps to eliminate airborne toxins.

A well insulated, “tight” home that utilizes efficient HVAC design and equipment, water saving fixtures, energy efficient appliances, energy efficient windows and doors, energy efficient light fixtures and solar panels simply has drastically reduced operating costs.

Waste Management  It’s jaw dropping to see how much waste is created during the home building or remodeling process.  During construction, we use comprehensive waste management and recycling methods to reduce the impact our projects have on the earth.
Reduced Emissions  It’s plain and simple:  if a home is more efficient, the HVAC system runs less.  This contributes to reducing harmful emissions that are released into the earth’s atmosphere.
Landscaping  Harvesting rain water, using native plantings and efficient water irrigation methods all help to reduce the amount of water needed for landscaping.
Location  The closer in proximity our homes are to grocery stores, restaurants, family attractions, parks and public transportation; the less we need to depend on fossil fuels for vehicular transportation.  A walkable lifestyle is also a healthy one.


Energy Star Partner  Blue Brick is an Energy Star Builder & Partner.  Our promise to the Environmental Protection Agency is that every home we build in the future will be certified using the Energy Star Homes rating system.

USGBC Gateway Chapter Member  We are proud members of this local chapter of the United States Green Building Council.  This organization keeps Blue Brick networked with other green companies and keeps us up to speed on other green events in the St. Louis area.  To say that they are advocates of the green building movement would be an understatement.

LEED FOR HOMES through the United States Green Building Council  We have played an integral part in the certifications of multiple LEED for Homes projects here in the St. Louis area.  LEED for Homes is one of the more rigorous green building programs in the world.

Certified Green Professional through the NAHB  This designation is a recognition from the National Association of Home Builders for companies that incorporate green building strategies into their methods & projects.  Attending multiple classes and seminars helped us acquire this prestigous certification.