Posted: 8.29

How New Custom Green Homes Can Benefit Your Health and Wallet

building green homesGreen custom homes are becoming more and more popular with families across the U.S., and it’s not hard to see why. Building green homes doesn’t cost much more upfront than building their non-environmental counterparts, and the long list of benefits makes green built homes more than worth it.

Building green homes can actually have a positive effect on your heath, both physical and financial. Though homes with features like high-efficiency equipment and other green measures will cost more at first, it will cost less in utilities and maintenance over time. In fact, eco-friendly buildings generally pay 30% less in utility expenses. A green home is also likely to sell faster and for a much higher price than a comparable non-green home.

Eco friendly custom homes are built with fewer products containing formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. In some non-green custom luxury homes, these heavy chemicals can be found in everything from paints and cabinets to carpets and millwork. The gasses they produce over time can contaminate the air in your home even before you move in, and will continue to contaminate it years later.

If you have any family members with breathing or respiratory issues, having good air quality is an absolute must for healthy living. When building green homes, builders cut down on these damaging and unhealthy chemicals, and they also seal the ductwork of your high-end air filtration systems tightly to keep air from escaping in a way that disrupts the natural flow of the house.

Most green homes are also constructed with a breathable, waterproof air sealing membrane, allowing you to cut down on HVAC leaks and get the most out of your monthly utility bill. The heat-recovery ventilation systems that usually go hand-in-hand with green homes also allow a regular supply of fresh air into your home without losing heat. Recent building codes also ensure that new custom homes are up to 17% more energy efficient than older ones.

Your community will be healthier as well, especially since many of the materials leftover from your construction job will be recycled rather than sent to landfills.

Experts effect green home demand to rise 900% in the next five years, so don’t wait until everyone else has one! Contact a custom home builder near you and see if a green home is right for your family.