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Blue Brick Renovation + Construction is an experienced custom home building & renovation firm in St. Louis that specializes in energy efficient, sustainable construction methods.

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Posted: 8.29

How New Custom Green Homes Can Benefit Your Health and Wallet

Green custom homes are becoming more and more popular with families across the U.S., and it’s not hard to see why. Building green homes doesn’t cost much more upfront than building their non-environmental counterparts, and the long list of benefits makes green built homes more than worth it. Building green [&hellip...

Posted: 8.22

Pet-Friendly Areas Trending in Custom Home Design

There’s a new trend in custom designed homes, and it’s all about those furry friends. Sixty-eight percent of Americans own pets, and this year those pet owners are expected to spend a total of 60 billion dollars on their animal companions. Designers are cashing in on their customers’ need to [&hellip...

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